Knee Stretches to Prevent Future Sports Injuries

Knees are one of the most exposed joints in your body, leading to many injuries in this area. 

Stretching can make a big difference in your KNEE MOBILITY and your life. Many preventable injuries come from athletes, both serious and casual, not stretching enough. 

Stretching is a good idea, no matter what your level of physical activity is. If you exercise regularly, you should shoot for stretching at least once a day. The best times to stretch are after your muscles are warm. Choose to stretch either after a warm-up, after your workout, or both times (this is your best option).

This article will go over some knee stretches that keep your joints healthy, flexible, and strong. 


1. Knee Mobility: Lunging Hip Flexor

Your body is all connected. When your hips get tight, your body overworks your quads - the muscles above your knee. This displacement puts more pressure on your knees.

To do this stretch:

  • Go down on one knee with the other foot flat in front of you, both knees bent at 90-degree angles
  • Lean your upper body forward
  • Send your hips forward then toward the floor
  • Reach up with your arm that is on the same side as your knee that is on the ground
  • Switch sides
  • Repeat


2. Knee Mobility: Figure Four

Similar to tight hips, tightness in your glute muscles - your butt muscles - sends more pressure to your knees. When your glutes are tight, you might also have back pain and leg pain. 

To do the figure four stretch, do the following:

  • Lie down on your back
  • Put your right foot over your left quad
  • Bend both knees
  • Grab the back of your left leg
  • Pull it toward your chest
  • Stop when you feel a comfortable stretch
  • Hold for 10 seconds, release
  • Switch sides
  • Repeat 


3. Knee Mobility: Standing Hamstring Tilt

Your hamstrings at the back of your legs give strength to your hips and knees. A strained hamstring can lead to knee injuries. 

To do the standing hamstring tilt stretch, do the following:

  • Stand on your left foot, with your right foot in front of you
  • Keep your right heel on the floor
  • Pull your toes up to flex your foot
  • Bend at your waist then bend your left knee
  • Sit your hips back
  • Keep your right leg straight, you should feel a stretch in your hamstring
  • Hold for 10 seconds, release
  • Switch sides
  • Repeat 


4. Knee Mobility: Quad Stretch

With tightness in your hips and glutes putting pressure on your quads, it is important to stretch your quads. Stretching your quads will relieve pressure from your knee, possibly pain that comes from the back of your kneecap. 

Do the quad stretch by doing the following:

  • Lie on one side of your body
  • Your bottom leg will stay straight
  • Bend your top knee
  • Hold your foot bringing it closer to your butt
  • Push your hips forward
  • Hold for 10 seconds, release
  • Switch sides
  • Repeat 


Get Help with Your Knee Injury from a Trusted Sports Medical Doctor

Knee pain does not develop overnight, nor will it go away after your first stretch. Add stretching to your regular routine to have better overall mobility and flexibility while lowering any pain you may experience. If your knee injury is holding you back, contact our medical staff at True Motion Chiropractic Group. Dr. Ryan Madigan D.C. has built a career in helping people lead healthy, physical lives.