Many of us think that the spine is located entirely in the back, and most of it is; however, it actually travels all the way through the neck to just under the skull.

This area of the spine is made up of seven small vertebrae called the cervical spine. The cervical spine has several significant jobs:

  • Allows for the neck’s flexibility
  • Allows for the head’s range of motion and movement
  • Provides structure to the neck
  • Supports the skull
  • Protects the spinal cord
  • Serves as safe passage for blood to get to the brain
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When the neck is sore or loses range of motion, we tend to notice because the neck is a pivotal part of the body’s proper function. Think about how often you turn your head when driving or exercising or talking even. It’s a lot.

Now, throw into that mix our compulsion to use our devices, and it's a whole other ball game. Our necks are being used more and usually not the way it was meant to. We see several patients through the course of the day who are suffering from neck aches and movement loss. And when considering the new wave of improperly set up at-home workstations, keeping your neck healthy is more important than ever because, in some cases, your job depends on it.

We have the expertise to provide you the comfort you need to function by managing the problem at the source. But he won’t stop there. Our office is determined to keep your body in its best health, and we offer exercises and advice you can use throughout your day that will maintain balance and structure, so you no longer put your neck at risk.

When patients come in to see us, they usually complain of one or more of the following neck problems:

  • Loss of range of motion
  • Discomfort when turning the head
  • Stiffness
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Headaches
  • Discomfort when working at a desk and looking at the computer screen
  • Discomfort when looking at a mobile phone or device
  • Discomfort when sitting, standing, or the body is at rest
  • Discomfort during physical activity
  • Sharp pain or dull pain that radiates from the neck into the shoulders or back


Remote Workers

If you’re new to an at-home workstation:

  • Do not use your bed or sofa as your office
  • Invest in an ergonomically correct chair with proper lumbar support, if possible
  • If you must use a chair from home, it shouldn’t be your recliner; try your kitchen or dining chair
  • If you don’t have a desk, use a table or counter, or invest in a small computer desk on castors that’s easy to move
  • Consider your posture
  • Keep your screen at your eye line

Think about how you sit at your office and get as close to that as you can. True, many of us don’t use proper posture or have an accurate in-office setup, but in most cases, it will be much better than the options we have at our home. If you invest in the right ergonomic chair, you’ll be saving yourself downtime due to discomfort, and you’ll be more focused and productive.

Because we spend so much time on our computers these days, supporting your cervical spine throughout your workday is crucial.

Why Do I Suffer From Neck Pain?

Our necks are almost constantly in use; even as we sleep, we turn, rotate, flip- all of this requires our neck’s support. When the neck is jeopardized, simple, everyday movements can become a big problem.

With so much neck activity and the cervical spine’s complexity, the opportunity for harm is significant but, in most cases, very easy to manage and protect with preventative care from a chiropractor.

Three common ways the neck is injured include:


Disc injury

Intervertebral discs are meant to perform as shock absorbers in the spine. Poor posture can put a ton of stress on the discs in the neck and lead to a lack of range of motion and pain. This is most common in someone with a desk job, car accident victims, or someone who spends a lot of time staring down at their phone.

Sports injury

Sports injuries or injuries due to physical activity often affect the neck. This is sometimes due to the nature of the sport or exercise that’s being done. With repetitive use, our muscles, joints, and ligaments pay the price. Our team will advise on proper warm-ups and cool-downs, strengthening tactics, stretches, rehabilitative exercises, and ongoing care.

We want our athletes to perform at their best, and we’ll help make it happen naturally, keeping your body’s ability, health, and safety in mind at all times.

Auto injury

No one plans for an auto injury, but nearly 80% of us have been in one or will be in one. And while there’s no way to prepare your body for it, there are a few things you can do afterward that will help you both physically and emotionally.

Visiting a chiropractor will give your body the organic care it thrives on. Combining your body's natural healing powers with our support creates a non-invasive, peaceful healing process, free from more jarring or harmful trauma. We believe that if surgery can be avoided, it’s always wise to do so, and we’ll do whatever we can to ensure you’re on your feet and doing the things you love to do as quickly and responsibly as possible.

Your neck pain may be due to any number of other events, including:

  • Disc injury
  • Strain
  • Stress or pressure
  • Sitting and looking at a screen for long periods
  • Repetitive, overuse activity
  • Poor posture
  • A surgery or accident
  • Text neck
  • Sports, athletics, physical activity
  • Work-related activity
  • Everyday activities and usual wear and tear


If your neck has never suffered, you may underestimate how relevant it is to your quality of life. We recommend that once you start to feel the slightest discomfort or loss of flexibility, you see us so we can help get it taken care of as quickly as we can and keep it from coming back to disrupt your everyday activities.

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Should I See a Chiropractor for My Neck Pain?

The thing about the spine (like with all parts of the body) is that it works by communicating with other areas of the body. When one part is out of alignment or lacking in balance, other parts can become affected too. This creates imbalances. Our Midland chiropractic office knows the importance of a body that can freely work as it was meant to and knows how to make sure that happens.

The cervical spine was meticulously designed. Every joint, ligament, and bone has its own function and capabilities, just like the surrounding cervical muscles (the muscles found in the neck that shield the spine). When one of these important areas can’t pull its weight, the brunt is put on a different area that wasn’t intended to carry that load, putting another area in danger’s path. This will often show itself as pain, discomfort, or loss of range of motion, movement, or flexibility.

The good news is that, more often than not, a minimal chiropractic solution can offer a maximum comfort result. We will evaluate the underlying neck problem and find a remedy that neutralizes the negative symptoms.

If you’re experiencing any of the conditions below, we’d like to see you in our clinic:

  • Chronic or intense neck pain
  • Dull, radiating neck pain going to your shoulders or back
  • Swelling, irritation, or redness in your neck
  • Weakness, tingling, or numbness in your neck
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Chronic headaches

Let’s find an effective, efficient chiropractic care plan that gets you a healthy neck so you can get back to enjoying the things that matter.

How Will a Chiropractor Treat My Neck Pain?

True Motion Chiropractic Group employs non-invasive but aggressive solutions to conquer pain and balance the body. We don’t believe in masking your discomfort but provide long-lasting, safe remedies that garner a solid, reliable relationship between the patient and the patient’s body.

Some of the chiropractic services used in our clinic include:

Chiropractic adjustments

Spinal manipulations or adjustments are a regularly used, effective, and safe solution to neck discomfort of all kinds. Dr. Ryan will perform a targeted, manual thrust to the joint in need. This thrust may create a “pop” generated by air leaving the joint tissue. Upon a spinal manipulation, the patient often experiences immediate relief and recovery of movement.

The McKenzie Method

This method relies heavily on patient involvement. We provide the education to fully support and care for the injured areas for at-home, independent strengthening, as well as in-office chiropractic services that enhance and patient’s wellness journey. We will go over exercises, stretches, posture, and more to give you the best ways to optimize your results and maintain your health.

Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization

We may find it beneficial to use specific handheld chiropractic instruments to aid in the breakdown of painful scar tissue. These tools are designed to accelerate your neck’s health and maximize efficiency. Eliminating scar tissue reduces pain and allows for the neck’s proper range of motion.

Therapeutic exercises

Combining exercises and stretches to our holistic chiropractic services is a great way to speed up your recovery, contribute to your overall well-being, and get stronger and healthier. We will provide you with a take-home regimen that works within your limits but still gives you the challenge you need for growth.

Knowing how to support yourself is both empowering and proactive, and it encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Massage therapy

Our licensed massage therapy team works with our team, providing natural, therapeutic massage that relaxes, de-stresses, and inner peace discomfort in the muscles and joints. Creating physical balance is essential to inner-peace and a healthy mental and emotional state.

Laser therapy

Using laser therapy, we will generate relaxation and support to the areas of the body that need it. Our laser treatments expedite the healing process safely.

Getting Chiropractic Care for Your Neck Pain

A body that’s functioning at its prime sets you up for success on every level. When the neck is at risk, much of your life will be affected: work, physical activity, social calendar, everyday routine, and of course, the areas of the body that are compensating for the injured area. Don’t let your neck pain stand in the way of life. Getting healthy is easy, safe, and responsible with chiropractic care.

We’ll put together a wellness program that you feel confident in and start getting your pain managed immediately. Got questions and concerns? That’s okay, we expect no less, and we have answers. It’s important to us that you feel good throughout this life-changing process.

Our team is approachable and dependable, and you’ll find that we are most dedicated to your improvement and quality of life. Get the physical, mental, and emotional well-being you’re searching for and start finding the balance you deserve right now.

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Neck Pain Testimonials

We’d love you to take the opportunity to read what some of our neck pain patients have to say about the solutions we’ve offered them before you make an appointment to see us.

“Dr Madigan and his team have helped me manage my migraine, when every other doctor couldn’t. They’re flexible and accommodating, and I always feel great walking out with my bottle of water after and adjustment and massage. I couldn’t recommend them enough.”

- Jason // Auburn, MI

“I love the way Dr. is gentle while concentrating on problem areas. Also, Dr. is very thorough when explaining treatment and options. The massages are amazing!” - Lisa // Midland, MI

“I started seeing Dr. Madigan a couple of years ago after pulling a muscle in my neck. Every time I would lift, my neck would start to hurt, and I would get a splitting headache. The headache would go away after the swelling went down. 

After Dr. Madigan tested my mobility in my neck, he was able to diagnose and determine the actions that needed to be done. After a weeks' worth of sessions, I was able to lift again without discomfort. After two weeks of sessions, I was back to full range of motion.

Since I sit at a desk all day, I continue to see him on a quarterly basis. I will continue to use these prevention sessions going forward. In addition to getting out the deep knots in my neck, Dr. Madigan has provided neck strengthening and stretching tips that have help tremendously.” - Jerry // Midland, MI