The chiropractic treatments provided at True Motion Chiropractic Group in Midland are safe, reliable, and effective. Our solutions rid the body of imbalance and provide support that alleviates pain and maximizes complete body wellness.

We see a wide variety of patients experiencing various symptoms and having multiple goals, we are well-versed in determining chiropractic care that the patient feels comfortable with. Each plan is completely individualized to the patient. Whether you’re looking to get back your full range of motion, rid your body of discomfort, or gain a higher level of performance, our team wants to be of service and will definitely be of benefit.

We offer a full range of chiropractic care, from diversified gentle adjusting methods to at-home therapies to improve and refine movement and posture. We put safety first and practice conscientious, patient-centered care. Our team understands that patients have different physical experiences and limitations, and we work with each person individually to find the method that's right for them.

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True Motion in Midland, MI, takes chiropractic care to the next level.

We rely on an accurate diagnosis to treat the issue causing you pain and provide you relief through a variety of chiropractic and manual techniques, massage, and laser therapy.

Our mission is to provide the Great Lakes Bay Region and surrounding areas with the best approach to chiropractic and conservative care. We offer an integrative approach that educates and empowers each individual we work with. Our goal is to prevent your condition from coming back and optimize your body to perform at its best.

We prioritize continuing education to provide the best musculoskeletal care for our patients. It is our obligation to treat each patient with detailed attention while driving results with the most current, non-invasive chiropractic techniques.

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Your First Visit With Our Team

Your first visit with any doctor may be a bit intimidating and have you full of anxious energy. We don’t want that to be the case with us. Your comfort level is always important, and we will maintain an open dialogue with you throughout your wellness journey. The amount of time your chiropractic treatment will last will vary based on the severity of your pain and underlying injury.

Your first visit with us will be efficient and informative. Upon arrival, we will discuss your medical history, current pain and objectives, and comfort with our chiropractic solutions. You will receive a physical that allows us to determine the root cause of your problem, and then together, we will put a plan in motion that provides a remedy to both the cause of your injury and its symptoms.

Be prepared to start the healing process on your initial visit. Whenever possible, we like to dive straight in and get the journey started on day one. Wearing comfortable clothes that allow us access to the injured area will help our efforts with an efficient, streamlined process.

It’s important to understand that our team is prepared to work with you on an organic, non-medicated, holistic approach to your body’s care.

We don’t mask pain or find remedies that are quick to disappoint. We want your body to work at its peak and your health to be maintained at all times. We don’t specialize in quick, easy fixes but we do specialize in actual results- sometimes they come quickly, but they always tend to last and renew your quality of life.

Why You Should Visit Our Midland Chiropractic Office

Our team wants your good results just as much as you do. We will provide you with a wellness strategy using chiropractic solutions that work. Safety is always kept at the forefront. Understanding your goals, physical ability, and overall health contribute to a successful program; however, your positive attitude and dedication to your body’s needs will play an integral role in getting you the effect you’re looking for.

Never underestimate the power of body and mind, especially when working together.

Using rehabilitative solutions to get your body in its natural, most effective state and providing proactive, ongoing strengthening support that maintains the body’s well-being is a smart, responsible way to achieve complete, long-term health.

Let’s get your body fully functioning. If you’re suffering from any of the following symptoms at any level of severity, we want to see you:

Dr. Madigan and his team will capitalize on their years of experience and knowledge to safely, holistically help you reach your body’s goals.

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True Motion Chiropractic Group’s Common Chiropractic Services

Levels of injury and types of injury run the gamut at our office. We work with patients in dire need of pain relief, those who have lost their flexibility or ability to move correctly, athletes training for an event, people suffering after an auto accident, and several others in need of our assistance.

Whether your body is in pain due to years of improper posture or a weightlifting mishap, we have solutions to help you strengthen and heal. It’s not only our in-office treatments and at-home exercises that will benefit you, but also learning how to properly support your body for preventative care throughout life.

No matter your activity level, we have the means to get you up and running better than ever.

Check out some of our services below and learn how:

Chiropractic Adjustments

Our clients often come to us, asking, "what does a chiropractor do?" Chiropractors are licensed practitioners who manually adjust the spine or other injured areas to relieve pressure and pain on the body and the nervous system.

A chiropractic adjustment is sometimes referred to as spinal manipulation. These adjustments offer a quick, controlled manual thrust to a targeted joint, usually in the back or neck, but can also be applied to other joints throughout the body. This solution often ignites quick relief from any pain or discomfort and restores mobility and balance.

Soft Tissue Treatment

Soft tissue therapies are designed to rid injured areas of scar tissue. We usually think of scar tissue as only being seen after an injury to the skin; however, when muscles or other tissues are over-stressed or injured, our bodies use scar tissue as a patch repair. This is a natural part of the healing process, but if the injury is not alleviated properly, the muscle will accumulate too much scar tissue and become a problem.

Symptoms of soft tissue injuries include pain, swelling, joint instability, cramping or spasms at the injury site, and more. We use a variety of soft tissue injury treatments and techniques at our Midland chiropractic clinic to get you on the path to recovery as quickly as possible.

Class IV Laser Therapy

Dr. Madigan will use Class IV Laser Therapy to aid the body in relaxation and pain relief. When applied to the harmed tissue, the laser gives off benefiting heat, and the area will immediately feel soothing and calming attributes.

The laser will allow for a quicker, more effective solution.

Rehabilitation and Corrective Exercises

Rehabilitation exercises help people affected by injury, illness, or disability through quality movement and exercise, manual therapy, education, and lifestyle advice. It has been shown that these sessions not only decrease pain but significantly increase athletic or general life performance.

Corrective exercises are sometimes added towards the end of the patient’s care plan, after proper range of motion has been restored. This is done to strengthen the muscles that previously had adhesions and correct muscular imbalance. This will improve the overall patient outcome and keep joints healthy.


Sports Rehabilitation

We see many patients injured due to sports injuries, often coming in the form of significant hits and falls or repetitive use. Each chiropractic program we put together is based on the athlete’s unique goals and abilities. You can count on a safe, dependable outcome so you can get back to doing what you love with minimal if any, downtime.

For our clients who need sports rehab therapy, we have a variety of rehab exercises and therapeutic stretches that we tailor to each of our patients. Treating people on an individual basis allows us to expedite someone's rehabilitation as quickly and safely as possible.

Therapeutic Massage Therapy

At our chiropractic and rehabilitation office, we offer medical massage therapy, which is a focused therapy option for patients who also require the attention of a chiropractor.

Unlike relaxation massage, therapeutic massage is designed to address specific soft tissue dysfunctions and patterns. Our licensed massage therapists are highly trained and comfortable co-managing the prevailing conditions in our clinic, such as stiff necks, tight muscles, knotted soft tissue, and more. Research continues to support the combination of services we provide here in the office, like spinal manipulation, manual therapy, medical massage, and exercise.

Other Effective Chiropractic Services We Provide in Midland, MI

Sole Supports Orthotics

For people suffering from foot, ankle, or knee pain, we may recommend custom orthotics. Sole Supports Orthotics are the only truly custom orthotics that consider your arch height, foot flexibility, body weight, and load factors (activities of daily living).

We don’t recommend these for every patient, but sometimes they are the best solution for correcting the issues that cause pain in your feet, ankles, and knees. In many cases, custom sole supports are beneficial to patients who need longer relief and correction after treatment has fixed their soft-tissue adhesions.


You may also get any of the following services and advice from our team of experts:

  • Exercising and stretching modifications
  • Sleeping, working, and driving ergonomics and positions
  • Mobility and flexibility exercises
  • Postural and strengthening exercises
  • Healthy lifestyle guidance
  • And, more

A Safe Way to Meet Your Health Goals

We invite you to start living the life you want. A life free from pain, discomfort, and illness. Your quality of life is in your hands. Take control and call us today so we can naturally, non-invasively, and effectively get you the healthy life you’re looking for.

From weekend warrior to all-day desk-sitter to online gamer, we can help. Our office accepts most insurances and provides an intelligent solution to a healed body. Your health is important; start treating it like it is.

Dr. Ryan is certified in:

  • The McKenzie Method
  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment 1 and 2
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