Our Golf Fitness Training Will Have You Playing at the Top of Your Golf Game

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is the world’s leading authority in golf health, fitness, junior development, biomechanics, and coaching education.
When we say health and fitness, we don’t mean that we are going to build your body mass or have you working out at the gym seven days a week.
Instead, we use the word fitness to mean getting a player to his or her’s best condition to play the game. It means understanding the body’s limitations and identifying areas to strengthen without causing injury to the player. When there are strength and conditioning involved, it is at the patient’s pace. By understanding the biomechanics of a player’s movement, we can better understand how to improve their performance. Overall, most golfers in the industry understand that skill isn’t enough to keep them ahead of their competition. It takes expertise combined with golf fitness, health, and a deep understanding of your body’s limits to keep you an extra par above your competitors.

You Get the Most Out of Having a Chiropractor and a TPI certified Medical Provider in One

Dr. Ryan Madigan is a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Medical Professional. By utilizing the tools from the TPI Program as well as the tools available as a chiropractic physician, Dr. Madigan possesses the unique ability to perform a golf-specific physical examination and create a treatment plan or exercise routine to improve a golfer’s overall performance. A TPI assessment can also help with musculoskeletal pain experienced before, during, or after playing golf or for patients looking to gain a competitive advantage. When you schedule an appointment with us, be sure to ask about our golfer’s elbow chiropractic adjustment.

If you are looking to take your golf game to the next level, make sure a TPI Certified professional is part of your team. CONTACT OUR OFFICE today!

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